This website is for the story and continued fundraising for the Laura Ross Memorial Fund.

The Fund Continues

The Laura Ross Memorial Fund will continue 2 ways... through Benefit Discs (a 501c3 organization) and through Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church.

The fund will continue support members of the church and community with healthcare-related finances. Each October and May, 25% of the fund will be given to the Hope Chest for Women (, a local non-profit that helps women in WNC that are are under-insured and/or fall into financial hardship due to the cost of cancer treatment. The fund will also help the Earth Team at GCPC continue and expand the pollinator garden and monarch waystation.

Give to Laura's Memorial Fund

Our church, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church set up a special fund on their online giving platform, Realm. Please choose the "Laura Ross Memorial Fund." Although contact information is required to donate, you will not be sent spam email.
Give through GCPCAll donations will go to help those with cancer in the church and community.

Laura’s Story

One thing I have learned about cancer is that everyone’s journey is a different story. For some, the journey back to health is quick, and for others, it is a long, arduous road that may lead to unwanted places. Laura lost her battle with mTNBC on June 17, 2023, only two weeks before our 11th anniversary. If you want to know more about Laura’s journey, it is quite a story.

On June 30th, 2023 (our 11th Anniversary), I launched… a project to support charities with disc golf which is now a 501c3 organization. The Laura Ross Memorial Fund is the first project. You can donate directly to that fund, which will be donated to the church at the end of October and April.

Laura Ross

Appalachian Consort
Billy Jonas, AVE, and friends
Sunday, April 16, 2023 @ 5:30 p.m.
A-B Tech/Mission Health Conference Center
16 Fernihurst Drive, A-B Tech Campus, Asheville